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You feel a strange heaviness in your vagina -- almost like something’s falling out. Could this be a sign of pelvic organ prolapse (POP)? Maybe. This article outlines the symptoms of this common

GIRLS: What does it feel when someone licks your vagina
what does a vagina feel like

How does a dick feel? amazing haha."- @Alexasexa "So hard to describe because it’s an opening dudes just don’t have. If you imagine the vagina is like an inverted penis, os physiologically, it’s kind of like that, then the feeling of nice strokes on your dick are essentially what we are feeling internally, it’s just all inverted.

What does the inside of a vagina look like? Diagrams and
what does a vagina feel like

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What Does It Feel Like For A Woman When A Penis Is In
what does a vagina feel like

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What does a vagina feel like

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